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Landica Property Solutions Inc provides professional home inspections using the latest knowledge, tools and reporting system available. Company president Phil Barre is an engineering technologist with more than 25 years experience communicating technical issues to clients in a friendly, understandable and practical manner. Phil's focus is superb customer service. As a home owner, renovator and landlord, he understands your concerns. Choose Landica to provide the home inspection that exceeds your expectations.
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A home purchase is an exciting and important decision - but there is no such thing as a perfect house. A Landica home inspection will provide you the objective, balanced analysis that ensures your decision is made with confidence. Once you own the home, your detailed inspection report will be an excellent guide to maintenance and prioritizing improvements.   Have a few years gone by since you last took a good systems look at your house? Are you thinking of selling, and need to know what defects the buyers will find? A home inspection from Landica will provide a comprehensive view of the house enabling you to save money, focus your efforts on areas that will truly add sales value, or help your home last a lifetime problem-free.   A pre-rental home or rental property inspection from Landica gives you a detailed look at what immediate improvements might be necessary, plus documented proof with abundant photos of the condition of the premises at the time the tenants move in. This is a must-have document if a damage dispute arises with your tenants.   Before you risk money on an investment property, you need to know exactly what condition it is in. An expensive surprise after you have committed your money can make the difference between profit and loss. At Landica, we can inspect your potential investment properties, and work with you to make the right decision.
Landica Property Solutions Inc
Ottawa and Area Residential Property Consultants
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